Product Details:

The HDBB2 is a CNC breakout board making the wiring and connections to the LPT port or motion controller easy. This makes it an excellent pairing with the UC300 motion controllerUC400 Motion ControllerAXBB Motion Controller and UCCNC motion control software.

The board has a total of five inputs and four outputs. There are 4 individual axis connectors to connect to your servo/stepper drives directly with straight wired “patch cables” or RJ45. All inputs are connected via on board optical isolator. Four outputs have open-drain high power transistor outputs for driving external relay coils, solenoids, etc. directly up to 50 Volts. All in and outputs have LED indicators which makes the installation and connections debugging easy. The board integrates a safety charge-pump circuit which can be disabled/enabled with jumper. One analogy 0-5V output is also on board for software handled spindle speed control.

– Centronix-36 connector for standard LPT cable connection.

– IDC-26 connector for DSUB-25 ribbon connection.

– 4 x Open-drain Mosfet outputs for external relay control.

– 4 x RJ45 servo or stepper axis connections.

– All 5 inputs optically isolated.

– 1 analog output for VFD control.

– Built in charge pump safety function.

– LEDs on all in and outputs for easy visual debugging.

Download the Product Manual here: