Customer Spotlight – CNC Inspiration from our Customers

Little Big Workshop

Hi from Little Big Workshop!

We are two mum’s (and sisters!) from Melbourne who have not only grown up together, but have also worked together for the last ten years in the corporate world. We have had ideas for years but nothing ever came of it. Then we were both on maternity leave at the same time and decided, ‘it’s now or never!’. We wanted to create a business where we could use our passion for design and craft and came up with the idea of a bespoke signage business – hello Little Big Workshop!

The only problem was…where did we start? We knew we wanted to work with wood and acrylic and we only knew the very basics of what a CNC machine could do. We were tossing up between a laser machine or a CNC machine but the CNC came out incredibly cheaper for the needs of our business.

We had previously looked online at CNC machines for sale and had also seen a home built CNC. All of these looked like very cheap machines that could be more trouble than anything else. We were lucky enough to come across BG Precision and found out about the small format CNC machines. When we met with Barry, he demonstrated the Axiom machine and showed us that a small format CNC could do everything we needed to do and more. When we first saw the Axiom CNC, we were very impressed. It was sturdy and very well built as opposed to the machines we’d seen earlier – and it was pretty with red accents!

The initial demonstration looked complicated – so many buttons, so many things to remember to do. But Barry clearly explained exactly what we needed to know to create the products for our business. He gave us a demonstration of some of the things the machine could create and we started to get excited because the possibilities for our business were starting to form in our minds. We decided to go ahead with the AR8 machine and we just needed to wait for delivery of the machine!

In the meantime, we had a training session with Barry (while both heavily pregnant) and we brought along some projects that we wanted to make. There were some basic signs, etching of our logo and a puzzle. The training really got our ideas flowing and we went home and started designing different products we wanted to make.

We’ve now had our machine for about 6 months and we’re so happy we decided to go with BG Precision and the Axiom AR8. We launched our website about a month ago and we’ve been building our social media – we just hit 1,000 followers on insta! We now make wooden and acrylic custom signage for birthdays, babies, weddings, children and home decor. Some of our most popular products are our Wooden Name Puzzle  and Birth Plaque and can be found on our webshop

We’re still a new business but we have every confidence that our business will continue to grow and we will become leaders in the custom signage market with our Axiom CNC machine! Watch this space…

❤ Lely & Lien

Little Big Workshop

I bought an Axiom CNC machine off BG Precision. Don’t ever kid yourself that a CNC machine is just plug & play-set & forget? They’re complex machines that require a knowledge of design and control software to operate. Things will and do go wrong in the process of operating the machine, and you will need support. I must admit that the hiccups and teething problems I’ve had, have all been solved by contacting the manager Barry Grogan. With the help of Team Viewer and Facetime, it’s like him being right by your side. Always obliging and dedicated to ensuring the customer’s experience is a good one. Don’t fall for the cheap chinese machine trap, because you’ll end up trawling cnc forums for help when the machine won’t go. Spend a little more, and know you have Aussie backup.

The face behind FFD’s scrumptious little fox is me, Eva.

Originally my career goals and aspirations looked very different. I am a qualified primary school teacher, I love children and teaching. I feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunities to teach, explore, share and grow with those I have taught.

When starting a family of my own I was very fortunate enough to be a full time stay at home Mumma, but anyone who knows me personally will know, I don’t do things by halves. I thrive on being busy. At home I felt something was missing, I wanted to create something on my own, something for myself and my family. Something to scratch that itch that I can’t quiet explain.

Then suddenly, I stumbled on an idea while decorating my daughters’ room. I began researching and jotting down ideas early 2018. It wasn’t till mid 2018 that I shared my ideas and goals with my husband and a couple of close friends that I began to feel like this venture could actually happen. Their interest and support gave me the confidence to take those final steps and go the distance and make Frolicking Fox Designs come to life.

We are very happy with the Axiom CNC router we bought from Barry at BG Precision. We have had it a year and its been trouble free. Barry is friendly, knowledgeable, conducted training in the use of machine, delivered and set the machine up. Will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your purchase is trouble free. 5 Stars

CNC For Schools

University request for delivery and installation of a SYMBIOSIS CNC ROUTER , on-site training in CNC use, local support, dust extraction, PC, UCCNC software.


  • Touch screen interface running UCCNC
  • Full Safety Enclosure
  • Interface for foot orthosis manufacture
  • Tooling suitable for manufacture of EVA negatives