CNC Software

CAM software such as Vectric is the software that allows you to convert your designs into Gcode. Once you have created / imported your part shape a few simple steps are applied to tell the software what machine, cutters and speeds you want to use.

Then with the click of a button you can export all the information (As Gcode) to the UCCNC and begin machining. As the UCCNC controller can run Gcode it opens up a variety of doors in terms of CAM software systems that are compatible

To help keep our promise to make your interactions with our CNC machines as easy as possible, BG Precision are delighted to bring you Vectric CAD/CAM Software.

Vectric Software packages allow you to design, shape, setup toolpath and export your cutting files to all BG Precision machines and many more. Not only that but you can import from your CAD/Design packages such as AutoCAD, Solidworks Illustrator, Sketchup  etc.

We recommend this software, as Vectric have made their software as simple to use as possible without sacrificing the depth of features required to let you get the job done seamlessly and without frustration.