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i2R B-Series

i2R B-Series CNC

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The i2R B-Series CNC ROUTER is a low cost entry level CNC router system designed for the hobbyist or professional alike. It is suitable for those who want to learn to CNC and start making prototypes to a professional standard. The machine is not an industrial production spec machine but sure is not far off. Click HERE for more info about the i2R CNC

i2R A-Series

i2R A-Series CNC

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The i2R A-Series CNC ROUTER series is designed to be an affordable professional CNC router platform in a small table top format out of the box. Each machine has been thoughtfully designed, rigorously tested, and offers a full range of accessories to ensure that you have everything you need to get up and running. Click HERE for more details.

5.0 Robotics SYMBIOSIS

Symbiosis Router-Mill CNC

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Anything a router can do SYMBIOSIS can do better. The all steel frame, HIWIN rails, steel forged motor, thrust housings and the NSK thrust bearings, mean SYMBIOSIS can process aluminium with aggression currently unseen in a CNC Router product. Fixed bridge moving gantry router mill hybrid design. Click HERE for more details

5.0 Robotics Executive

Exec Series
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The 5.0 Robotics EXECUTIVE SERIES CNC ROUTER is our small format production powerhouse offering high speed, torque and precision capabilities that can only be found in high end machines but for fraction of the cost. Available in a 1220x610mm and 1220x1220mm this is the closest offering to an industrial CNC platform. Stepper and Servo variants available. Click HERE to find out more.