The UCSB is a single port signal breakout board making the wiring and connections to 1 standard pin-out LPT port on a motion controller easy. The IDC-26 port has a pin-out of a standard LPT port. This makes it an excellent pairing with the UC300 motion controller, UC400 Motion Controller, AXBB Motion Controller and UCCNC motion control software.The exact pin-out of the port is described in details in the user manual.
The board has a total of 12 outputs and 5 inputs. All I/Os are optically isolated with fast 10Mbit/sec speed optocouplers. The outputs are capable to drive 24V voltage levels and up to 1Amps of current with integrated Nchannel power mosfets. The inputs are also optically isolated with fast 10Mbit/sec speed optocouplers and are capable to interface to outputs of sensors and switches with NPN, PNP, push-pull and line driver outputs.


– IDC26 port with standard LPT port pinout.
– 12 outputs and 5 inputs.
– All I/Os optical isolated with high speed 10Mbit/sec optocouplers.
– Open-drain Mosfet outputs for external relay control.
– Pluggable screw terminals.
– LED indicators on all I/Os.
– 24V capable I/Os.

Download the Product Manual here: