Teknomotor ATC Spindle 3.5kw ISO30 Long Nose


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Teknomotor wanted to offer a best in class product for the most demanding customers and we believe at BG Precision, Teknomotor is the highest quality CNC Spindle available on the market today.

Long Nose variant – Short nose variant available


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The Teknomotor electrospindles series ATC71 have been designed to develop high power with limited overall dimensions. This type of electrospindle is suitable to be installed on automatic machines for machining wood, aluminium and plastics. This is because of the stiffness of the mechanical components, the speed of tool changing and the quality of electrical components of this electrospindle. Teknomotor wanted to offer a best in class product for the most demanding customers. This version is equipped with ISO30. We also offer all the required parts to run the ATC motor. So items such as VFD, toolholder, cabling.

Component features:

  • Stator: three-phase induction motor, insulation class F.
  • Rotor: copper squirrel cage
  • Frame: closed frame is obtained from an extruded aluminium bar.
  • Ventilation: electric fan cooling
  • Degree of Protection: IP54
  • Balancing: executed according to ISO 1940: balancing grade 2.5. For special applications we can supply motors balanced with lower grades.
  • Compatible with ISO30 Toolholders

Additional information

Weight35 kg
Dimensions60 × 25 × 25 cm



Air Requirement

Supply the electrospindle with compressed air in accordance with ISO 8573-1, classes 2,4,3:
• class 2 for solid particles: solid particles size < 1μm
• class 4 for the humidity: dew point < 3°C (37.4°F)
• class 3 for the total oil: concentration of oil < 1mg/m3
Failure to comply with these specifications may result in product malfunction. The guarantee is not valid if pollutants are found during repair operations.


BG Precision does not and cannot know how end users will install their electrospindles. The installer or customer must therefore perform risk assessment specific to each installation and application.

The installation should only be carried out by a technician qualified to do so


It is the purchaser responsibility to read, understand and comply to information presented in the usermanual

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