2.1kw Dust Extractor


Carbatec’s Industrial Twin Bag Dust Extractor is the ideal unit for the professional workshop. Supplied with a 10amp plug, and mounted on casters, it can be easily moved whether to be positioned close to the source, or just for cleaning at the end of the week. A good choice for planers, thicknessers and wood lathes which all produce vast amounts of chips very quickly and in varying sizes.

Fitted with dual 5 micron filter bags and collection bags, this unit will cater to the cabinetmaker cutting particle board and MDF, or the furniture maker using solid timber. For finer dust such as sanding dust, consider adding the optional Pleated Filter – see FM-300CF

When used with a network of hoses or fixed ducting fitted with blast gates, the optimal amount of air flow is maintained from the machines in use.

Featuring drums and separators mounted higher in order to collect larger volumes of material, as well as making the drums at more comfortable position for changing and fitting replacements. These machines therefore require longer than standard collections bags. Ensure you reorder the Carbatec PCB-800XL.

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Motor2100W (2-3/4 HP) Induction – Regular 10A Plug
Collection Bag TypePlastic
Filter Bag FittedNeedlefelt 5 Micron
Number Of Inlets3 x 100mm or 1x 150mm
Workshop Footprint (WxDxH)1550mm x 750mm x 2220mm
Warranty Period2 Years
Maximum Airflow1800 CFM

Carbatec’s Industrial Twin Bag Dust Extractor

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