Mean Well Power Switch Mode Power Supply

Product Details

The Mean Well RS-25 series 25.2W single output AC to DC embedded switch mode power supply has an output current rating of 2.1A at 12VDC. It has a universal input supply voltage rating from 88VAC to 264VAC and 125VDC to 373VDC.

Features and Benefits
high-efficiency up to 81.5%
Long life and high reliability
High power density
High operating temperature up to 70°C
Long life electrolytic capacitors 105°C
Easy installation
Screw terminals
Adjustable output voltage for single output types, 10.8V to 13.2V at 12V and 22V to 27.6V at 24V
Adjustable output voltage for dual output types on output 1, -5% to 10%
Dual outputs have a minimum load requirement
The total load must not exceed the rated output power
Cooling by free air convection
Withstands a 5G vibration test
Overload and overvoltage protection
Full load burn-in test

CNC Machine Power Supply
Control machinery
Electrical equipment
Household appliances
Industrial automation