JKR – Tool Setup Sensor System

Z tool offset sensor

The Z tool offset sensor is a fixed position on the machine frame where all tool are referenced to. Each tool in turn is touched of the reference sensor so the software knows the specific offset of each tool. This allows the software to always have the correct Z zero point for each tool during an actual toolpath. By touching each tool off this common datum the software knows automatically how to apply a tools Z zero refernce in auto mode.

  • Integrated automatic tool setup sensor and software
  • One click and the software moves the machine to touch off the sensor with the active tool
  • Each tool value is then set to the tool library
  • Very fast resetting of tool offsets when a tool breaks or a new tool is needed
Large Format CNC
Automatic pen Z datum setting system

Automatic pen Z datum setting system

The Z workpiece pen sensor allows automatic setting of the Z reference plane once all the tools are set up. This system can be a manual pull down and button press system. Or it can be a fully pneumatic driven piston auto push down and Z set.

  • Quick and easy Z referencing to the work piece
  • Available in manual pull down and pneumatic push down versions
  • Can also be set up for fast XY Zero set up using pen tip
  • Very fast efficient and intuitive Z set up for operators